Free Music School
A Free, Bay Area Instrumental Music Program
For Students In Grades 4-12.

Welcome back to the 9th Spring Session of Free Music School!

Classes are continuing at their usual time, but there is no more theory from 4-4:30.  Students are welcome to come @ 4 for extra practice time, before their usual class session.

YES -- WE DO have class on January 16th.

We DO NOT have class on Friday, February 13th or 20th for Winter Break (and Mrs. Love will be in Cuba!)

Want to join Free Music School?  "Music Mentor" volunteers and Intermediate/Advanced students (can play basic scales and count basic rhythms, are in grade 4 or above) can join at any time -- please contact us. 

New Beginning Students:  stay tuned for the next session to begin in August, 2015!

Free Music School is just that-- a place where all students in grades 4-12 can learn to play a musical instrument free of charge.  Students must provide their own working instrument*, instruction book and music stand,
and be committed to outstanding attendance.

Classes are led by volunteer musicians ,"Music Mentors", who work with small groups of students on their instrument of expertise. 

The Free Music School is  able to offer instruction on
all band and orchestra instruments --

          trumpet                        flute                      clarinet                       saxophone
          trombone                     tuba                                         french horn
violin/cello/bass               keyboard/piano

(we DO NOT offer instruction on guitar at this time.  Percussion (drums) will only be offered to students who have reached the "intermediate" level on any other pitched instrument --band instrument, piano or violin.

 * Due to generous donations, we do have a few instruments to loan students free of charge.  The selection is limited, so students may not get their first choice of instrument their first year.  (You will still need to provide the book and music stand.)  Please, do not ask to borrow an instrument if you can afford to rent one.  AND, if you can donate an instrument to our program, or $$to purchase an instrument, please do:)

Classes are held once a week, on Friday afternoons, at:
     Almaden Hills United Methodist Church 
1200 Blossom Hill Rd.  San Jose,  CA  95119

Class times are as follows:
Theory (required for all beginning students): 4pm-4:30pm
Beginning:  4:30-5pm
Intermediate:  5-5:30 pm
Advanced:  5:30-6pm
please see our "Current Events" page for more details.

For more information about registering as a student,
or applying to become a Music Mentor,
please click on the link below.

How do I sign-up?......
To register as a new student, please attend our
New Student Orientation:  Friday, August 29th, 2014 @4pm
all NEW students (and their parents/guardians) are required to attend this meeting. 
 -- come and learn how our program works!
-- ask all of your questions here!
-- see a demo of the available instruments; students can choose which instrument they would like to play.
--meet some of our volunteer "Music Mentors".
-- see if this program is right for you!

Free Music School
@Almaden Hills United Methodist Church
1200 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA  95118

Music Students, Parents and Volunteers
Please contact:  Candace Love at
                       (408) 226-6962
  or, email her at: 
Please mention your name, grade (for students only) and instrument you are interested in playing or teaching.

We do offer community Service hours to local High School students who are interested in helping out with our program.

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