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Parents:  PLEASE DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ON FRIDAYS: (Me or our Music Mentors)

Please email/call on or before Thursday evening.  We do not answer parent questions on Fridays.  There is no time.  Not even a minute. 

(Yes, of course students may ask questions during class! -- we just don't have time for parent questions on Fridays.)

Also:  Please do not wait until Friday to tell us your child's instrument isn't working: 

email ahead of time and/or take it to the shop.  If we know ahead of time, we might be able to loan them another instrument, but we won't have time to get it ready during class, so please let us know ahead of time.  Thank You for your understanding.  Yes, your student will need to attend even if their instrument is broken -- they can practice the week's lesson at home after their instrument is fixed. 

Class Schedule:  

Theory (reading music):   (August-December only) 4-4:30pm, mandatory for all NEW students.   If a student can already read music, they will be able to "test-out" of this session during the first meeting. 

Beginning Band/ Beginning Violin:  4:30-5 pm

Intermediate Band/ Intermediate Violin:  5-5:30 pm

Advanced Band/ Advanced Violin:  5:30-6 pm

Perfect attendance is expected for all groups. 

If you must be absent more than twice per session, please email us. 

Music mentors will determine the placement of your student.  Most students will be in intermediate for 1-4  years.....some less, some more, depending on how much they practice on their own, at home, during the week.  

Please do not ask to move to the Advanced Group -- our music mentors will ask you if you would like to join when we feel that you are ready.  


If your personal schedule does not work with the above schedule, please do not enroll in Free Music School.  Attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is Mandatory -- the price of admission is commitment! 

Parents:  Spring is a very busy time in the neighborhood, and for years, we have really relied on parents who "hang out" during class to make sure that everything is wonderful (and safe!) outside of our classes.  Therefore, we are encouraging all parents who want to "hang out" to enjoy each other's company on our patio area.  If you see anything that needs to be brought to Mrs. Love's attention, please do :) THANK YOU!

The Women's Warming Center (daytime shelter for homeless women) will also be meeting at our church during the FMS Spring session in the Fellowship Hall.  Please be welcoming to our guests, and know that we are all welcome at Almaden Hills UMC :) 

Bathrooms:  Use the bathroom before you come to FMS. 

Bathrooms are not available to students/parents/siblings at FMS. 

It's a 1/2 hour class -- go before you come!  In an emergency, please visit one of the shops in our vicinity. 

If you feel that this is unreasonable, please do not join our program.  I'm a music teacher, not a janitor. 

 Days off:  we have (1) Friday that we will not meet:  Friday, April 26th -- the Friday AFTER Easter.  

If your family has a different day off, it is fine to miss FMS for that day.  (One or two absences is ok every 4 months, but if you're going to be gone longer than that, please let us know.)

Attention:  we will be moving FMS back to the "old" room (fellowship hall) on March 22nd for 1 day only:  the church will be using the office rooms on that day.  Thank you, in advance, for your ability to go with the flow :)

 Dress Rehearsal:  Friday, May 10th, all students attend from 4:30-6pm.

Spring Concert:  Friday, May 17th, 7 pm

Students should arrive between 6-6:30 pm ( I think a 1/2 hour window is fair, please do not come early or late!)

Concert Dress:  White top/black bottom.

Please bring a finger-food dessert to share at our post-concert reception.

Current Student Updates: