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Parents:  PLEASE DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ON FRIDAYS: (Me or our Music Mentors)

Please email/call on or before Thursday evening.  We do not answer parent questions on Fridays.  There is no time.  Not even a minute. 

(Yes, of course students may ask questions during class! -- we just don't have time for parent questions on Fridays.)

Also:  Please do not wait until Friday to tell us your child's instrument isn't working: 

email ahead of time and/or take it to the shop.  If we know ahead of time, we might be able to loan them another instrument, but we won't have time to get it ready during class, so please let us know ahead of time.  Thank You for your understanding.  Yes, your student will need to attend even if their instrument is broken -- they can practice the week's lesson at home after their instrument is fixed. 

Bathrooms:  Use the bathroom before you come to FMS. 

Bathrooms are not available to students/parents/siblings at FMS. 

It's a 1/2 hour class -- go before you come!  In an emergency, please visit one of the shops in our vicinity. 

If you feel that this is unreasonable, please do not join our program.  I'm a music teacher, not a janitor. 

Current Student Updates:

​Spring Session starts on Friday, January 11th.  There will be no more basic theory class from 4-4:30.  Theory will be taught during class. 

  AHUMC will be hosting a daytime homeless shelter on Fridays, so Free Music School classes will now be held in the office building -- the same rooms that we met in before the concert.  We ask that all non-teaching adults remain outside of the building -- parents/siblings can wait on the patio or in the sanctuary (where the concert was) while their student is in class.  Students can wait for their parents for pick-up in the hall area or the room directly behind the doorway.  Free Music School Students should not be in the sanctuary.

Class Schedule:  ALL CLASSES will be moved to the office building for the Spring Session.

Theory (reading music):  Cancelled for January, will resume next fall. We will be teaching theory during class.  4-4:30pm, mandatory for all NEW students.   If a student can already read music, they will be able to "test-out" of this session during the first meeting. 

You will be in the same class that you were in in December...........

Beginning Band/ Beginning Violin:  4:30-5 pm

Intermediate Band/ Intermediate Violin:  5-5:30 pm

Advanced Band/ Advanced Violin:  5:30-6 pm

Perfect attendance is expected for all groups.  If you must be absent more than twice per session, please email us. 

Music mentors will determine the placement of your student.  Most students will be in intermediate for 1-4  years.....some less, some more, depending on how much they practice on their own, at home, during the week.  

Please do not ask to move to the Advanced Group -- our music mentors will ask you if you would like to join when we feel that you are ready.  


If your personal schedule does not work with the above schedule, please do not enroll in Free Music School.  Attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is Mandatory -- the price of admission is commitment!