Success is a product of desire and practice.  We'll provide the free music lessons, but it is up to each student to practice their instrument during the week to improve their skills.  Practice 3-5 times/week or more, playing whatever you were working on during your last class.

*  You may bring friends who are interested in joining the program -- they can visit once, but if they come twice, they need to bring their instrument!

*    Do not bring younger siblings unless the parent is attending to them, or, teaching a class -- we do not provide babysitting services for siblings. 

*  Use the bathroom BEFORE you come.  Bathrooms are not available for use by FMS students, parents or siblings.  If there is an emergency, please see Mrs. Love.

*  No food, gum or drinks, except water are to be brought to FMS.

*    Students who arrive early should be warming up or doing a quiet activity in the large fellowship hall.

Students should never be on the back side of the building, or anywhere away from adult supervision.

#2   Be on time, with all of your supplies (instrument, book, stand, cord, etc.)
We cannot teach your student if they aren't there, or don't have their supplies!

Because we are a growing program, we need everyone to be aware of the following expectations:

#1 Students  MUST BE IN 4TH GRADE OR ABOVE TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR PROGRAM.  The curriculum is not designed for younger students.

One more thing:  We do not have time to answer parent questions on Fridays -- please email all questions to me before Thursday evening.  ALL QUESTIONS!!!  Please do not approach me to ask a question on Friday afternoons:  We only have 30 minutes, and I need all of that time to teach.  Thank you for your understanding.

We ask that parents remain outside of the classroom/ away from the teaching area while their student is in class. 

Please do not ask our music mentors to do something "extra" for your student, such as meeting on a different day, private lessons, or meeting with them to learn an instrument that is not part of our program.  They do an outstanding job, and we'd like to keep them happy here.  If you have additional needs, please discuss them with Mrs. Love prior to asking for extra help from your music mentor.

* No pets allowed --please leave your dogs at home (some of our students have allergies/fear of animals.)  Please be considerate and do not bring your pets.

*    Students are expected to put away chairs, etc.:  leave the room cleaner than you found it.

*  No put-downs, horseplay, etc. ( I know you never would, but I have to say it, just in case:)

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Failure to follow these rules may result in dismissal from the program. 

Perfect attendance is expected for all students.  The cost of admission is commitment! 

Free Music School:  Student Expectations.